It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season. It is a time when traditions and gatherings are commonplace. During this time, we usually think of various generations and branches of the family tree getting together under one roof. However, it might be different for those in an assisted living home or residential community.

While several assisted living residents leave their residential communities to spend time with their family, a noticeable number of seniors tend to stick behind during this time of the year. According to various assisted living sources, around fifty to eighty percent of a community’s residents stay behind instead of going to a relative’s home. The percentage is even higher for those in specialized communities like memory care.


Why Do Some Seniors Stay Behind During the Holidays?

why do some seniors stay behind in senior living during the holidays


There are many reasons why those living in an assisted living home or apartment might stick around. One of them is the convenience of the community. While remaining in the community, senior residents are assured that they’ll get the proper care they require like medication management and routine daily activities assistance. Another reason is because of family. Some residents might live far away from their loved ones while some might not have a family to celebrate the holidays with. Because of situations like these, assisted and independent living communities make sure that get the proper care and everyone enjoys the holidays like everyone else.

How Do Assisted and Independent Living Communities Help Celebrate the Holidays?

how seniors can celebrate the holidays in assisted and independent living communities


Senior living communities around the country do their best to provide its residents with holiday cheer. They do this by providing a series of holiday-themed activities that are both welcoming to everyone. They also provide events and get-together events that provide fun, food and a warming sense of friendship and community among those who attend.

For example, a community might get its residents together in a gathering place to partake in a community-based activity like holiday cookie decorating, wreath decorating, or gift exchanges. Another community activity they might do is go around the community and sing carols to various people in their assisted living home or apartment.

While some activities and get together events during the holidays might be focused on fun, others might be focused on giving back to the local community and others. Those are that are able enough might get a group of able-bodied seniors together and help out at local soup kitchen. Some who are experienced in crafting might make hand-made gifts for those less fortunate in the area or within their own community.

Various communities choose to celebrate this holiday season in a variety of ways. However, all these events, celebrations, and activities bring out the best in everyone, which makes a senior living community a “community”, which is what the holiday spirit is all about.


Make your Assisted Living Home More Festive this Season.

make your assisted living home more festive


Finally, to get some holiday cheer in your independent or assisted living home (or apartment), consider decorating your personal space. While your senior living space might be smaller than your old home or family’s house, you can still work with it and bring on the holiday cheer.  You just need to be creative by using a few common festive decorating tips.

Use Holiday Lighting to Your Advantage.

For only a couple of dollars and a small trip to the store, you can get some good quality holiday lights and bring the warm glow of the season to your living space. Line your walls and furniture with lights or be creative make a wreath out of them.


Use Festive Centerpieces for Tables and Shelving.

While your senior living space or tabletops may not be large enough for a holiday centerpiece, finding (or making) one can turn a drab space into something more pleasing for the season.

smart choices tool for senior living

Decorate a Tiny Tree for the Holidays.

You want to keep it simple and adequate, but you also want a Christmas tree like you did when you were younger. Luckily, while some places only offer large trees for bigger homes, many places offer smaller trees for people in apartments, small houses, or in an independent and assisted living home like yours. They cost less than bigger ones. And in addition, removal will be easier when the holidays end.


Arrange the Colors of Your Home to Match Holiday Colors.

The freedom of senior living communities is that they allow their residents to decorate their rooms and homes anyway they want. So, when the holiday season comes around, consider switching out your everyday decorations with ones that have the festive colors of red and green. Think of matching color pillows, bedsheets, floor mats, etc.


Hang a Mistletoe.

For senior living couples that are staying put for the holiday season, add some holiday love to your holiday cheer. Hang a mistletoe in an out of reach place like the doorframe.



Just because you’re staying put for the holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t engage in the cheer. This time of the year is about enjoyment and happiness with others. So go and spread the joy of the holidays with those in your senior living community.