As the holiday seasons continues and Christmas day gets closer, the search for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life gets harder. You feel time flickering away and stress is building up. The things you really want to give are either out of stock or cost way too much. Also, you have the afterthought that the person you are giving the present to may not like it or have something like it already. It’s understandable, shopping can be difficult for anyone, especially when you are shopping for someone who is a bit older like someone in senior living residences.

As long as you don’t wait until the very last minute (like shopping on Christmas Eve or in the early hours of Christmas day), you should be fine finding gifts like the following in various places near your residence. Some are also available online for your convenience.

Fun Holiday Gifts For Those Who Want to Relax

fun last minute gifts for seniors


These gifts are ones that are suited for all ages, even those who are of senior age but still want to have a bit of fun in their lives. Which is a perfect alternative to commonly bought last minute holiday gifts like fragrance (cologne or perfume) or gift baskets of fruit that will barely get eaten. Most of these items can be found at most big box stores like Walmart and your local grocery store.


Restaurant Gift Cards

Seniors these days are likely on a tight or fixed budget per month. Because of this, most seniors tend to cut certain luxuries out. One of the most commonly cut luxuries for seniors is dining out at their favorite restaurants.

Getting a gift card for a friend or a significant other can be great option. It’ll give the person a little bit of freedom back and make them not worry about cooking and washing dishes for the night. If the person you’re giving to is generous, you might be invited to tag along, creating an enjoyable and social experience. This kind of gift is great for couples in senior living residences that are near a number of favorite eating establishments. Thanks to online site OpenTable, you aren’t anchored to chain restaurant gift cards either.


DVD Sets of Your Favorite Movie and TV Series

For the seniors that rather enjoy a night at home watching TV or movies, consider getting them a DVD set of their favorite shows or movies.

These days, it seems like almost every single show that aired on TV managed to get their own DVD box set, even older shows like “The Rifleman” and “F Troop”. And the same can be said about movies, even older ones are compiled in a DVD set of greatest hits, ready for seniors’ viewing pleasure.

If you know that the person you are gifting prefers to watch on their tablet or PC, ask if they had a subscription to online streaming entertainment services like Netflix or Hulu. If they don’t, consider gifting them one of those service for their enjoyment.


Gifting a Favorite Beverage or Spirit

If the friend or loved one has a favorite beverage, and they can safely consume said beverage with no worries of health, then helping them stock up would be a great idea. Favorite beverages among seniors are usually exotic coffees, teas, and certain libations (like whiskey or bourbon). Nothing makes a senior relax more than sitting back in their favorite chair with a book or a tablet and taking in a nice, refreshing drink of their choice.

Gifts for Seniors in Specialized Assisted Living Care


If the one you’re gifting to is in any kind of specialized senior living residences or assisted living care, there are some wonderful and thoughtful gifts that can benefit them while under the care of others.


Music Players to Keep Seniors Relaxed

Recent studies have shown that music can benefit seniors, especially those who are in Memory Care and other specialized facilities. It is because music helps recall memories and certain emotions. It can also shift moods and increase brain activity. So an Mp3 player or a small stereo system with an assortment of favorite music is a wonderful gift idea.

Electronic Scrapbook or Picture Frame

If you’ve known the person for a long time (like he or she is a lover or an old friend), it’s likely you have pictures of them throughout various parts of their life, like wedding day photos or photos of downtime during school. Electronic scrapbooks and picture frames with memories of them can make them feel comforted. It can also help them recall memories and stimulate their brain activity.

Comfortable Clothing for Everyday Use

Likely those who are in assisted living or any kind of specialized senior living residences are sometimes unable to wear normal attire. Mainly because they are unable to dress themselves or they are going to appointments frequently. Because of this, having comfortable and easy to get into clothing like bathrobes and sweatpants are a nice choice for all seniors.

Gifts for Those Who Like Decorating Their Senior Living Residences


A nice last minute gift for seniors is something that will make their living spaces more personalized and less empty. Since most senior living residences allow their community members to customize their surroundings, seniors find ways to decorate to their liking. Gifting them décor would be a good last minute choice.

Wall Art

Whether it’s an old vintage movie poster, a print of French vintage artwork, or an actual painting, gifting fellow seniors with wall art decoration is a prime choice. Just make sure it is something that the person likes and doesn’t stand out from the rest of his or her spaces’ setup.

Small Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures like desk lamps and flameless candles are a nice way for seniors to add more personal flair to their rooms.

Even if you leave it to the last minute, gift giving to those in senior living residences shouldn’t be hard. Thanks to online shopping and last minute sales in stores, you’ll be able to make everyone’s holidays an enjoyable one.