Independent Living

Never Feel Alone. Never Be Alone. When It’s Time, Consider Independent Living.

Consider Independent living, which provides the freedom and convenience of living at home, but with a better level of care, and without the worries of maintaining a house on your own. Also, be mindful that you or a loved one will not be alone, and can enjoy a wide array of social amenities, and the joy that comes from developing new friends. This type of maintenance free living is liberating to the seniors who take advantage of it. If there is ever a moment in one’s life where they should be able to focus on the things that interest that person most, surely it is in this golden age. All you and your family need is information on these senior networks. Our Senior Transition Guide is a great resource for seniors and their families beginning to conduct research on independent living options.

Affordable Senior Citizen’s Activities and Services are Available for Every Income Level

As seniors, we can be faced with the prospect of revising our living arrangements. Perhaps you or a loved one feel overwhelmed by home upkeep such as maintaining a large yard, or the challenge of climbing the stairs everyday? Moving from your house to a senior living community can be emotional, too. There is pride in owning and maintaining a home. Just know that you have options … lots of them … and thanks to today’s Not-For-Profit senior care providers your choices have never been better.


Senior Transition Guide – Window to Senior Citizen’s Activities and More

The Senior Transition Guide is the perfect tool to help you choose a new senior residence that’s ideal for you. It will empower your decision making, and help you understand the level of personal care services available through different communities that will enable you to reveal the full potential to function independently. This tool has the ability to match your needs and preferences to the full spectrum of senior residences out there. Many of these residences offer maintenance free living, senior activities, and the peace of mind in knowing that should you ever need some help, you are just a call or a push of a button away from receiving it.

Lifestyle of Safety By Kristie Larsen, MSL CASP NHA PHR October 2013

One of the many reasons that seniors choose to live in a retirement community is safety. Safety concerns include physical safety, financial safety and personal security. These concerns may be affecting their activities of daily living or causing seniors to isolate in their homes. Retirement communities can help with safety concerns especially when the seniors collaborate with the community.
As we age our sense of physical safety can be weakened. Physical losses including hearing, eyesight, balance and strength can make us feel vulnerable and less in control of our wellbeing. Retirement communities can provide wellness checks, specialized equipment to help with mobility and social interaction. Many communities offer fitness programs designed for seniors to help with balance and strength. Emergency call systems can also provide response to residents that have fallen or are in need of help at the push of a button. Seniors are encouraged to participate in the wellness programs and use the emergency call systems.
We have all heard stories of seniors that have been scammed by phone solicitation or internet scams. Some seniors have lost thousands of dollars including their life savings. Retirement communities can provide police liaisons to present senior safety topics and information that will help seniors know what to watch for with potential scams.
Resident’s personal security is a priority for retirement communities. Many communities provide security officers and gated entrances. Staff is vetted prior to hire with drug testing, background checks and reference checks. Living in communities where neighbors are vigilant and report anything that is suspicious or concerning is one of the best detractors of crime.
Remember a retirement community can offer protections but they are only helpful if the seniors are engaged and participate. Safety is a lifestyle in partnership with the community!

The First Step Toward Elder Independence with Your Own Senior Residence and Fulfilling Activities

If you are not already registered, fill out the brief form here. This should be the first step of many toward independent living. Every step of the way will require active engagement on the part of the senior and family, but you can do it, and we wish to help. join our senior network and download our Senior Transition Guide app to empower yourself with the resources to make great choices for your senior care.

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