Although over 1 million Americans are taking advantage of senior living options, a surprising number of men and women still do not know that there are options at all. Many aging Americans do not realize that, in addition to high quality senior assisted living homes, there are also a variety of independent senior living options and communities (some starting at 55 and up). What’s more, there is an emerging trend in nursing homes and independent communities alike — and that trend is luxury.

“Luxury has been a buzzword in senior living, with new models sporting high-end amenities, such as wine cellars, and creating a resort-town feel,” according to Senior Housing News. New luxury “resorts” offer a number of options for seniors. There are high-end medical suites and memory centers to meet all nursing needs of seniors as well as golf courses, condo-style living, and even a membership fee, reminiscent of a country club. One such senior luxury resort owner, Anthony Santiago, describes the company’s senior housing and community, saying it’s built to create the impression that the “Ritz-Carlton meets Disney World.”

Of course, these new luxury-style resorts aren’t the only option. Residents 55 and up can also live in modest, age-based communities, typically offering lower rent or leasing rates. Landlords or property management companies are responsible for repairs, lawn care, and snow removal (if applicable). There are often pools, tennis courts, and sometimes even a club house or a gym. The communities provide a quiet respite for Americans who have recently retired or who will retire soon.

The final option is, of course, a fully serviced assisted living home. These cater to all of the nursing needs of seniors, such as assistance with day-to-day activities (a service 70% of Americans 65 and over need). There is some good news, however. First, as the aging population grows, nursing homes must make more of an effort, meaning they are often willing to go all out for their residents. On the flip side of the coin, Americans are aging more healthfully and half (50%) don’t even need to transition to a proper assisted living home until they are 85+.

Luxury is in. New resort-like communities are opening for America’s seniors, although the aging population can also choose from more modest 55 and up communities and full service nursing homes, if need be.