Over the next two decades, more than 77 million Baby Boomers will retire, undoubtedly driving up the numbers of aging Americans in assisted living homes (currently 1 million) and independent senior housing. The increase in demand means there will be more adult care options than ever before — and some will offer markedly different things than others. Here is just a brief glimpse at some of the niche retirement communities that are cropping up all over the country:

An Alternative For Seniors On-The-Go

Seniors who prefer to travel across the country in their RVs can — and they can do it while receiving professional care for seniors as needed. Escapees CARE in Livingston, Texas is a non-profit community housing 50 to 70 residents within their own recreational vehicles at a time. “Residents receive three meals per day, transportation to medical appointments, and help with bathing, cleaning and laundry,” according to U.S. News. The community can serve as one of the many permanent or temporary options for seniors. Seniors can treat Escapees CARE as a stop along the road, or park their RV at the community for the foreseeable future.

A Community That Celebrates Language

“Aegis Gardens is an Asian-inspired retirement community in Fremont, Calif., which caters to people who speak Mandarin and Cantonese,” U.S. News continues. Builders constructed the entire community with assistance from Feng shui experts, and the community’s signs are posted in Chinese and English. Some of the most popular pastimes are also in-theme and include Mahjong, Chinese calligraphy, and tai chi.

A Ritzy Retirement

The vast majority of seniors (70% of Americans over age 65) will need at least some assistance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean giving up life’s creature comforts. There are several different adult care options that revolve around quality care and luxury living (sometimes referred to as resort living). These communities often allow pets; they have personal fitness trainers and chefs, concierge services, and cutting edge physical and mental health care.

What does the future of senior living have in store? It looks like a growing number of seniors are turning to niche communities to suit their exact needs, whether that means their wanderlust, native language, or high-end lifestyle.